Mini loans have only recently been offered

It is not a lucrative business for the banks, which is why there is actually only one bank that has this mini loan in its portfolio. Some other providers, some of whom work with foreign banks, have taken advantage of this fact. A mini loan is intended as a bridging allowance and not for larger purchases. As part of training measures, a mini loan can be used to immediately advance larger expenses for courses or teaching materials. The following providers have these loans in their program (details of the providers mentioned as well as further data and conditions can be found for mini loans on fleshes this out

Nice bank – Get money into your account today

Nice bank - Get money into your account today

Nice bank has been one of the providers that have established a mini loan on the market since 2012. Loan processing is automated, which enables quick processing. On this portal, consumers can borrow money quickly and at short notice for 30 days. Loan amounts between 100 and 1,000 USD are available. Accordingly, the term can optionally be extended to 180 days and with a not so good credit rating. Nice bank offers an express option that costs fees. The prerequisite for an immediate payment is that the VideoIdent procedure and the online signature must take place by 3 p.m. directly after the application has been submitted. The money is then available in the account within 30 minutes. This loan is fundamentally ideal for students, because with it they can make smaller purchases. However, we recommend to students, if the cost, to forego express options if possible. If you have no income, you need a co-applicant.

Best bank – immediate transfer is also possible

Best bank - immediate transfer is also possible

The Best bank principle works in a similar way, because here too there are quick and unbureaucratic small loan amounts for a short period of time. You can choose between 100 and 600 USD. With the repayment, customers can take 15, 30 or 60 days. An immediate transfer is also possible, so that the amount is booked to the borrower’s account within 24 hours. Negative Schufa entries are also not a problem as long as they are slight negative entries. If there are serious entries, Best bank does not provide a mini loan. This loan is also ideal for trainees and students because the required net income is USD 700.

Good credit lenders – for new accounts

Good credit lenders - for new accounts

With Good credit lenders, new customers can apply for an amount of up to USD 500. From the second loan, a loan amount of up to 1,500 USD is also possible with timely repayment. Applicants will receive an answer within 60 seconds as to whether a loan is possible or not. Payment is made immediately if the optional express service has been booked for a fee. Proof of salary, bank statements or a co-applicant or guarantor is not required.

Gortas Bank (direct money) – the extraordinary loan

Gortas Bank (direct money) - the extraordinary loan

The Targo Bank is a bit out of the ordinary. Here too, the loan is decided immediately after the application, but other loan amounts and longer terms are available. Customers can choose between 100 and 3,000 USD at Gortas Bank. Repayment can be made within two to six months. If the video ident is completed by 1 p.m., customers receive their money on the same day. If you want to use this mini loan, you need a perfect credit rating and a good credit rating.

Conclusion on mini credit – immediately from the web

Conclusion on mini credit - immediately from the web

A mini-loan is ideal for trainees and students because it is processed immediately and the money is in the account within 24 hours. This credit is highly recommended for buying teaching materials or in an emergency. It is also cheaper than the overdraft facility in the checking account, because the interest is limited. If you need money immediately, you have to expect higher fees, but the payment is even made to the account with a provider within 30 minutes.

Transferability of the loan.

February 21, 2020