Mortgage loans – Available for your home loan.

One mortgage, one monthly payment for your home and all your credits by combining all your credits with your mortgage.

You are a homeowner, you have a mortgage and other loans or financings that are heavy on your budget, and you want to reduce your monthly payments.

Refinance your home through mortgage loan

Refinance your home through mortgage loan

With a mortgage loan repurchase, it is possible to refinance your home loan and your other loans, financings, store cards, openings of credits. You can even add a sum to cover work and your liquidity needs, without supporting documents up to 10% of the total amount of the new credit. This operation requires a notarial act. All the costs linked to the recovery of your credits are incorporated into the new credit: you must not disburse anything except for the control expertise, which is carried out only if the credit is accepted.

The maximum amount that can be granted to you is in principle a maximum of 100% of the value of the building (s) put up as collateral, estimated by an expert approved by the credit company.

It is also possible to take back only your other credits and your liquidity needs in the form of a long-term credit with mortgage, without the repossession of your home loan and over a period of 20 years maximum. In this case, the credit is made in the form of a mortgage loan for movable purpose, up to a maximum of 85% of the forced sale value of the property given as collateral (most often), minus the amount of the existing housing loan.

Your advantages

  • You can reschedule all your credits over the duration you choose, from 10 to 30 years
  • You only have one credit and one monthly payment
  • You can still have cash to cover your cash flow needs, without justifications
  • You can add an additional amount for work (carried out by company)
  • You benefit from a favorable rate
  • Your mortgage loan remains tax deductible for the real estate part

No need to travel to compare the offers of mortgage credit redemption. By submitting your request online on Cream bank, you benefit from priority and ultra-fast processing. You should only travel if your file is accepted.

We can receive you confidentially and outside bank opening hours.