The deferred partial loan

This is the same principle as the total loan deferral except that in addition to the reimbursement of costs related to loan insurance, interest. Consequently, the capital remaining due is not modified at the end of this deferral. We are no longer talking about negative depreciation.

The essntial loan

The essntial loan

Although the deferral of partial loan can be extremely practical or even essential in certain financial arrangements (during a bridging loan or acquisition in VEFA for example), the cost of such an arrangement is not negligible.

In the case of total deferral, you are required to pay interest on interest. It is therefore the most flexible solution, but also the most expensive. In the case of a partial deferral, the cost is characterized by the amount of interim interest. Lite Lender, real estate loan and loan insurance broker in Paris, can advise you in order to define the most effective solution for your project.

Before making the choice of a deferred loan, appreciate the cost of such an arrangement.

How do you know if you really need a deferred partial loan?

How do you know if you really need a deferred partial loan?

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What is important is to take the time to choose your real estate broker carefully and not to embark on this process, alone, not surrounded by a professional. This will waste your time, money and energy. Everything you will need for the rest of your project!


  1. As part of a partial deferral, you only repay the interest and loan insurance to the bank each month
  2. The cost of a partial deferral is not negligible, remember to know it
  3. Always use a mortgage broker to lower your costs